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Room 920 Psilocybin Chocolate Bar – Dark Chocolate

$50each -OR- $225for 5

Transport yourself into another dimension with Room 920 Dark Chocolate Shroom Bars – these easy to digest and beginner friendly magic mushroom edibles are made with the wellness of your body and spirit in mind. Many stoners and average people shy away from magic mushrooms and the world of psychedelic drugs based on the appearance and taste of dried mushrooms, but Room 920 has worked tirelessly to make them much more palatable and appealing. Their tasty chocolate bars are made with naturally-sourced cocoa and infused with potent psilocybin extract, providing you with a potent high and a tasty alternative to eating dried mushrooms. Golden Teacher strain of magic mushrooms was chosen by Room 920 for their uplifting and entheogenic effects which alter mood and perception, initiating inspiration and a deep, spiritual journey. Golden Teacher mushrooms are one of the most premium strains, revered for its’ reliable and stable buzz.

1 CHOCOLATE BAR PER PACK. Each chocolate contains 3 GRAMS of psilocybin extracts.


Suggested Dose:
Chocolate bars can be segmented into 9 doses for micro-dosing (0.33mg).

Vendor Room 920


Harmonized Hemp

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