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MICRODOSIFY GUMMY – Passionfruit Pineapple

$50each -OR- $80for 2
Microdosify Gummies 3000mg

Unleash your inner creativity with Microdosify Gummies. Each gummy packs a powerful dose of 150mg, with 20 gummies per pack. That’s a total of 3000mg per pack, ready to give you the boost you need.

These gummies not only provide a burst of euphoria and an uplift in your mood, but they may also increase your focus. Don’t wait, treat yourself to the sweet taste of success with Microdosify Gummies.



Sugar, tapioca syrup, gelatin, natural yellow colouring, natural mango flavouring, natural passion fruit flavouring, malic acid, Golden Teacher mushroom

150mg X 20 gummies per pack

Total dosage 3000mg

Vendor Microdosify
Psilocybin 3000 mg