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Extracts Hybrid


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Honey Badger Extracts’ process begins with the highest quality buds, selecting only the freshest AAAA grade plants for extraction. With a group of artisan extractors, these buds are then placed in a state of the art, sub-zero closed loop extraction system, which uses distilled N-butane to create a concentrate that is full of natural terpenes and flavours. Honey Badger Extracts prides themselves on the clarity of their products, especially their shatter, which is why all concentrates are fully-dewaxed in order to achieve the greatest stability of terpene flavour, providing customers with more terpenes, more THC, and less plant fats.

Honey Badger Extracts provides customers with a wide variety of beautiful golden shatter, available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. They also produce a variety of live resins and have now branched out into sauces as well.

Strain Hybrid
Vendor Honey Badger Extracts