Fenix Labs CBD Tincture 750mg CBD


750mg CBD (NO THC!)

Fenix Hemp Derived Oil Extract Drops 750mg: Rise and Shine your morning to a dose of Fenix Pure Hemp Derived Extract Oil Drops, or relax at night right before bed. Our drops are Keto Friendly, 100% THC Free, Vegan and all natural. Formulated from MCT oil and 99.9% Pure Hemp Derived cannabinoid, these Hemp Derived Extract Oil Drops are an all natural way to find relief from many symptoms such as: Anxiety, Depression, Seizures, Psychosis, inflammation and so much more! We offer them in a wide range of strengths to accommodate everyone’s needs. Relax, take it easy, for there is nothing that we cannot do if we just put our minds to it.

Low Pain: 0.1mg
Medium Pain: 0.15mg
Medium to High Pain: 0.175mg
High Pain: 0.2mg
Very High Pain: 0.25mg.

By taking your body weight, you multiply your weight by the “pain level numbers” above to determine how much Cannabinoid you require each day. “180LB Person with a pain level of med-high: 180 x .175= 31.5mg per day”
***Please be advised that Cannabinoids effects everyone differently, and some people need just a little bit more or less to get the pain relief they need. This is just a guideline to help you understand how much Hemp Derived Product you should be taking when it comes to pain.