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Cannabis Champagne


Cannabis Champagne use of Nanotechnology to create a stable cannabis emulsion, allows for rapid Cannabinoid absorption, much faster than traditional edibles.  You will begin to feel the effects within 5 minutes of your first flute, and experience the full effects within 20 minutes.  Nanotechnology also increases the bioavailability of Cannabinoids by at least 4x.

This champagne features the fresh aroma of juicy Okanagan grapes, with hints of melons and tropical fruits.  A finely crafted medium sweet champagne and features hints of OG Kush on the back end of the pallet to finish a crisp clean drink.

There are two varieties of Cannabis Champagne, alcoholic or non-alcoholic champagne

Dosage: 150mg THC in each bottle

Usage: Because Nanotechnology is used in the creation of this Cannabis Champagne, the 150mg of THC in each bottle will make you twice as high as a normal 150mg edible.  It will also have a much shorter high.   

In simple terms, this bottle will get you as high as a normal 300mg edible would get you, but the high will hit you much faster than a normal edible and it won’t last for nearly as long.

THC 150 mg