Flower Sativa

AAAA HIGH Grade Flower – Hawaiian Hammer

$651/4 oz$1151/2 oz$2001 oz

This popular strain can be purchased in 7 – 28 gram quantities.
STRAIN INFO: The rare and beautiful Hawaiian Hammer is a sativa-dominant strain that will get you in vacay mode in no time! The initial uplifting high will give you a sense of euphoria and happiness to help get some errands done and close off in a subtle, calm and relaxing manner. Some users also reported it help with with creative blocks as well as ADD and ADHD type symptoms.  Not only a treat for the eyes and mind but one for the tastebuds and nose as well, this strain has a sweet fruity smell and taste with a touch of earth and herb on the exhale. Aloha!

Strain Sativa
Grade AAAA High Grade